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Giant Nightmares

May 7, 2011

This morning, I awoke to a strange phantasm. I cannot explain all too well, because it didn’t make any kind of sense, but I’ll try my best:

In this dream, I was “awoken” by my older sister Katherine. She told me monsters were attacking Earth and turning everyone into giants. My family and I rushed outside to see if this was true, and sure enough, it was. We somehow ended up in a mall near a beach, I think. The majority of my family was there, including my relatives. We were sneaking by some giants before we were discovered by a lady, who jumped up when she saw us and roared with a booming voice that shook the ground with ferocity. We bolted for a door that led to a clothes store, but my aunt was caught by the giant woman. I picked up a pipe or some kind of metal pole that somehow happened to be nearby and struck the giant woman in the eye. She went down, but so did my aunt.

I was afraid I had killed her in the process of my attack, but better to be dead than be turned into a giant. However, my fears were realized when I saw a giant form of my aunt rise from the floor with such malice in her eyes that made it impossible for me to move. I tried to head toward the door, forgetting all else but was captured by my aunt. She put both her hands on me as if she was preparing to rip me in half. It was almost as if her size slowed her joints down, for she slowly rose me to her face to see me die. Before she could execute me, I awoke with a startle and a kick.

This dream made no sense whatsoever. What’s funny is that I can remember this stuff very well, yet anything else I tend to be absent-minded about. Odd.


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