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The Sounds of the Church Bell

May 10, 2011

The Sounds of the Church Bell

The sounds of the church bell
Ring through the city walls,
And I watch the churchgoers
Shuffle in like groups of thralls.

He preaches morality
And justice for all,
Yet for all his words
The child continues to bawl.

He lies in the street,
Motherless and cold,
But no one dares to help him —
No hope, no food, no gold.

The gargoyles peer downward,
Eyes downcast,
And I wonder what transpired
In that boy’s mysterious past.

Whether he was once among riches
Or a pup of a lascivious bitch,
The congregation trails past him
Uncaring and hitched.

They preach love
And they demand peace,
But they shun the poor
Like the nobles of Greece.

This god they worship,
This deity they praise,
I question if he truly cares
As his people walk their ways.

The church bell continues to ring
And the fires continue to burn,
And in this yard of vain repent,
The pious look on with eyes stern.


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