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9/11: The Movie?

May 17, 2011

Today, in my American History class, we watched various documentaries regarding the September 11 terrorist attacks against the United States. Just like Pearl Harbor, 9/11 had a significant impact on the way Americans think. To this day, it still affects us significantly. While I watched those films, I began to wonder if there would ever be a big-name film about that abhorrent event. I am aware of the documentary shown at the New York film festival, but I wonder if there could be a film based on the factual accounts of the attacks.

I should watch the documentary before I decide to work on a film like this, but I think, if done well and respectably, this could be a very emotional production. Of course, if I do make this, I’ll make sure to be respectful toward those that lost their lives and those affected by the event — Christians, Muslims, Jews, whites, blacks, Arabs, Americans, British, Germans and so on in this near-endless list. I ain’t racist.


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