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Harold Camping Revises Rapture Date

May 24, 2011

Installing Rapture

Harold Camping, the controversial Christian minister who has stated numerous times that the world will end based on various mathematical methods and formulas, has commented on his mistake regarding the May 21 Rapture. To his daughter on that day, he said he was “flabbergasted” that his prediction did not come true, but on the next day, he said the true believers will rise to heaven this October 21, the same date he stated would be when the world will be consumed in a giant fireball. In other words, he refuses to admit he is completely wrong and simply regards his error as a “miscalculation.”

It’s sad that people listen to liars and frauds like him. He doesn’t understand that what he is doing is simply causing uncalled-for chaos. Furthermore, he is stealing money and using it to spread his lies and sowing seeds of discord; that money could be used to feed the poor, treat cancer patients, and improve our economy. Instead, he continues to believe his precious Rapture will come, and will continue to advertise its arrival. My best friends even believe he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and they are Christians themselves — many other who follow their religion also agree.

This man is an insult to theists everywhere. I’m not a theist, but I can say I feel bad for those that worship their religion respectfully. Those are the true children of God or their Gods, not this man. Now, many non-Christians will assume all Christians believed this fraud, which only furthers my reasoning of why Camping needs to be institutionalized or at the very least kicked off radio permanently. All he is doing is wasting people’s time. Many of his followers quit their jobs, spent a majority of their savings, and gave away their possessions, truly believing his prediction would come true at 6 p.m. everywhere. Instead, his prophecy did not come true, and it simply hurt others while he got to pocket several thousand dollars to spend however he wishes, if not more.

For those theists who followed him unconditionally, my condolences go out to you and your family, but you have only yourself to blame. I hope you learned a lesson from this. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you can get back on your feet. For my fellow atheists, do not insult them. It’s not worth it, and it’ll only result in more hatred toward us. If you have something you do not need, donate it to the appropriate organization so those who are unfortunate victims of Harold can recover a little more comfortably.


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